Friday, 29 August 2014


Located close to the mouth of the Columbia river in Oregon was our next destination. This was a place that I'd included on my itinerary that the others were able to accommodate and was extremely geeky. As well as riding coasters I enjoy visiting movie locations and we were now stopping at the small town of Astoria.

Hopefully some of you recognise the font which adorned a sign on Duane Street. The location of the place I was visiting was on the corner of Duane and 38th Street.

The sign at the bottom of the road gives the game away. Yep, the Goonie house!

This is the Goonie house, and yes the homeowner has no issue with people taking photos. Whilst we were there the owners were doing the gardening and chatting to them they told us that they get a few hundred visitors each day. Now, I didn't think that that many people would be such a fan of the show that they'd make the same silly pilgrimage that I had. Not bad to have such devotion considering the film is almost 30 years old.

A crappy pano of the house and the hills behind the house.

So the most famous clip of the film was Chunk's Truffle Shuffle...

...and it seemed only right to honour it by doing my own. So donning my Chunk Hawaiian shirt I repeated the move, very quickly because I was very wary that the owners were behind me in the garden and got a little bit embarrassed.

Next door to the Goonies house is Data's house. 

How it appeared in the film.

This is the jail that the Fratelli's escape from at the start of the film. It's now a museum.

It's located on the corner of Duane and 8th

Across the street from there is the Flavel House musuem which in the film was the museum where Mikey's father worked. A cool looking building that was built in the mid 1880s.

So this was very whistle stop but soooo coool and definitely made my day. My inner geek was nicely entertained by this side-trip.

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