Sunday, 24 August 2014

Remlinger Farms

First park of the day was one of the smaller ones, Remlinger Farms located off the 203 highway north of Snoqualmie (which I visited last year as part of my Twin Peaks visit).

The classic red barn structure that US farms have. This one houses a play area and gift shop. 

Remlinger is a family run farm where you can buy foodstuffs and even pick some when in season. To supplement the revenue that that would bring the owners have expanded to include rides and birthday pavilions. A chart like this is pretty informative even if we weren't here for the rides.

A pretty impressive wood carving inside one of the barns.

Even the rougher ones were pretty cool.

The selection of rides wasn't bad and despite how quiet the place was there were kids on all them. The owners clearly know what they're doing here. 

But we were here to ride the kids rollercoaster at the back of the park. Yes, we're kids too. 

Er, what's this chap doing exactly? 

The coaster previously existed in Michigan before being purchased by Remlinger to replace a similar but older ride that occupied the same spot. Made by Miler these rides do have a tendency to buck larger riders in a way kids won't. This makes them a little better than most kids coasters...and that's not a justification for us riding them.

I don't think I've ever seen a hay bale maze before. A perfect height for the kids but no good to us unless were negotiating it on our hands and knees. Actually I'm sure this intentional so parents can easily see where the kids are.

One of the birthday pavilions, which today had names beside every single one of them so they're clearly getting business, just not first thing in the morning.

Being a farm you would expect animals and yes they have a small petting zoo, just don't forget to use the hand-sanitiser after.

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