Saturday, 6 September 2014

West Edmonton Mall

Leaving the others to continue having their mind bent, I thought I'd go explore the rest of the mall. It is currently the largest mall in North America and opened in the early 80s growing over the years to the size it is now.

Just upstairs from the mall entrance was this great comic store. They had a huge selection too!

Not many people know there was a Canadian-only Pirates of the Caribbean film. Cool!

Loving this mural. It was at the entrance to the mall's cinema complex.

You can buy firearms of all kinds.

The mall has a full size ice hockey rink. As Canadian's do a lot of skating it perhaps wasn't a surprise that those on the ice were very good skaters. Me I'm able to stay on my left boot and kick with my right and that's about it. 

Nice art installation.

This mall even has a full-sized water park!

and a pirate ship. I think this is used for a stunt or seal show or something.

Crazy golf!

This little European themed area was quite cute.

Outside the mall re-enacting that scene where you try to find out what's through the arched window. In this case the Mindbender.

Eventually meeting up with the others we had to drive through some pretty grey skies and strong storms to reach the airport. Saying goodbye to the Western side of the country it was time to head to Halifax for the second half and eastern leg.

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