Friday, 19 September 2014

CN Tower

As expected the CN Tower is a bit pricey and very touristy and because its a tower prone to a compulsary bag check before access is allowed. Fortunately the Canadians aren't as programmed as the Americans and knew we weren't dodgy without having to interrogate us to find that out.

Yay! We saw a moose.

The gift shop is huge and fortunately you're not forced through it.

Some views from the top. There are two viewing platforms, you pay extra to go to the smaller higher one. Views from either floor are amazing though.

There are plenty of glass floors for you to challenge your fears.

A little spoiler for you...its very unlikely the glass will break...try telling that to the group that had the floor crack at The Willis Tower

The CN Tower has a Skywalk which you can see below the observation platform. It costs around 200 Canadian Dollars for a go. We were quite content with the view higher up to bother doing it.

The tower is pretty cool, and yes we knew it would probably be the most touristy thing we'd do on the trip. It was still good though.

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