Sunday, 7 September 2014

Shining Waters

Leaving the Mainland for Prince Edward Island the aim today was to visit 2 awkward to attain parks and a fair that I had found in the weeks leading up to the trip. 

The rather long bridge that joins the island to the Canadian Mainland. Expect tolls. The first park was Shining Waters on the north of the island.

Having missed the entrance the first time around we eventually located our park and made our way in. We'd expected the car park to be beside the road but it's at the back of the park so you have to take a small slip road to reach it.

Before a huge bridge was built the island could only be reached by sea (durr!) so they had quite a lot of lighthouses around the coast to help guide the boats in. Perhaps they could have used this replica lighthouse at the entrance to guide lost tourists to the park.

Now there's a lovely welcome to the park. 

The park is very open with a small number of attractions on a large plot of land. I guess they do have plenty of room to expand, although I'm not sure they'd need to. Numbers were very low today.

Their coaster was a Herschell kiddy coaster but the trains looked a bit bigger than you'd usually get making them appear oversized for the track they were on. This ride had quite a kick to it.

No holiday is complete with an Indiana Jones recreation moment although unlike China we weren't being chased by a coach party of locals

Tal and Thomas explore the abandoned fun house. We found out later that they'd gone in without the power on and there was a bit more to the attraction once electricity had been added. 

Another wobbly bridge, this one part of a mini-adventure for the little kids where they do activities and get a card stamped.

This isn't a genuine sign, it's just to add to the little explorer's imagination.

One of the big barns was home to a farm/petting zoo. The little donkey was only 3 days old.

Alpacas are weird. I should have worn my Alpacalypse t-shirt today.

Another pumpkin variant of the strawberry ride

A small carousel. I think every park and fair has had one so far.

This was pretty cool, a rocking pirate ship with a slide into the mouth of a shark so you can relive that Quint scene from the classic film.

It's just a shame the park's version of Bruce wasn't rubbery enough to be "realistic"

Aside from the park the ride does have a small water park, which probably gives the name to the park.

The funhouse was a little short and the coin roll effect where items appear to roll up hill kept getting stuck. 

and that was Shining Waters, a far-to-go tick in the box in what was one of the most expensive parks on the trip. Yep, the park with a poor selection of rides charges more than most of the others.

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