Friday, 29 August 2014

Clatsop County Fair

A short drive south of Astoria and we ended up at the next fair, the Clatsop County Fair, another long-running fair which was now in its 110th year.

Located on the rather superbly named Walluski Loop road the fair consisted of 2 halves with the exhibition halls on the north side of the road and a small fairground on the south.

It was fair to say this was one of the smaller fairs that we'd come across, although on the satellite imagery the exhibition space (which we didn't visit) looked huge. 

A baby version of the paratrooper ride. 

Yes!!! A coaster that wasn't a dragon wagon, it still came with the dragon wagon rules though so we didn't get to ride this one either. The operators were really apologetic but we weren't overly concerned having realised that squeezing adults into kiddy rides for the sake of their hobby wasn't the norm. We did chat about the other rides and they told us that the company (Davis Shows) were at 3 fairs: this one, Thurston and the last one off to the west somewhere. 

Grrr....lucky git!

Not the busiest of biggest of fairs but those that were there were enjoying themselves.

The Beatles would like this ride. Strawberry fields forever...

So this was our quickest fair visit of the day and getting continually defeated by the regulations here we decided to drop the next 2 fairs that we were going to investigate. Our research hadn't confirmed any coasters and one of them was quite a drive away.

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