Friday, 19 September 2014

Blue Mountain Go-Karts

North of Toronto close to the banks of Lake Huron is the Blue Mountains range, a popular ski resort are that like most ski resorts has opened up other attractions to keep people visiting all year round.

First call for us was a very small amusement complex primarily focusing on it's go-kart track; the only one in the area. A small number of other rides complimented that including a small Miler roller coaster - the reason we were here.

We could see the ride (YAY!!) and the train covered in tarp (BOO!). Speaking to the owner who was great we found out that even if the skies were clear the coaster wouldn't be running because it needed a new motor. As with the last park he was more than happy to let us walk around the ride and he spent a bit of time telling us about his fairground past and his future ideas for the park 

So we spent a little bit of time in the drizzle getting into the ride and climbing all over it for photos.

Clearly a man who makes the most of what he can we liked that seats from a go-gator were now obstacles on the mini-golf course.

So if this was the only coaster in the blue mountains today would have been a disappointment. It's quite a drive to get here. Fortunately there's another coaster in the area that we would head to next.

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