Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pays des Merveilles

Located by the 117 highway and an hour north-west of Montreal is Pays des Merveilles (literally "country of wonders" or "Wonderland") is a small childrens park located 

The park is clearly aimed at the little kids with lots of small rides and things to play with. I don't think Cedar Fair or Six Flags have much to worry about here.

The park has a single coaster and it's another small one housed under a recently added roof. Fortunately the park do allow adults to ride although no more than 3 at any one time. So I stood by and let the others ride.

Not a squeeze at all. On the downside it meant that I had to ride on my own. That's probably more embarrassing than riding it at all. For those that only wish to ride the coaster you'd be pleased to hear that is right next to the entrance. 

The haunted walkthough wasn't all that...

...but I did like some of the monster's they'd stuck to the exterior. Freddy Kreuger was an easy one but the Creature from the Black Lagoon (which I know Paul Worts would have got) was a great nod to those who recognised it.

A flying ride that the kids seemed to enjoy.

and one that they'd probably like to ride but can't. You can climb into it though.

Like Enchanted Forest the park makes some use of a hillside and benefits from lots and lots of tree covers. This is a good thing.

Although with excessive tree cover comes the ever looming threat of spontaneous gorilla attacks.

Banana show for scale.

The park seems to make the most of whatever they could get their hands on in order to make attractions that the kids can play with. 

They even had an old school bus to clamber over and within. 

This was within a small staged area in which some of the park staff told the story of Alice in Wonderland in French. (We are in Quebec after all)

I know what time it is boyyyeeeeee!!!!!

In an attempt to overcoming the size issues that had prevented us getting on the dragon wagon coasters Tal had been using spare car parts to engineer a shrinking ray. We gave it a test shot here and it appeared to work.

With time to challenge the park's maze we sent Thomas in and from a viewing gallery we were able to guide him through as many dead ends as we could spot.

I couldn't decide to play chekers(sic) or chest(sic) so I played neither and instead food until I vomited (sick)

Christof is one of the not-so-well-known orange peel clan who chose to go to battle decked in armour made of orange peel. The didn't last very long.

We debated whether this was a mobius or not. Somehow I managed to take a photo of it from the one angle that means I can't remember what we decided.

The park had some nice touches and if you are only coming here to ride the coaster please set aside the time to explore the park.

Small little water park at the back corner of the park.

My second-favourite sign of the trip, and yes we did meet Snow White. She was in a small cabin nearby bored and really pleased to meet us...really pleased as in "oh no, grown ups".

Every trip has to include a "stroking a big cock" joke. Here's this trip's.

Pays de Merveilles is actually a pretty nice park and like most small parks have made the most of what they could get. Macgyver would be proud, and I can't think of any other park in the world that has a School Bus attraction making it a one-of-a-kind park.

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