Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Oaks Park

Located in Southern Portland, Oaks Park has been in existence since 1905 and for most of its time has been a family run park, only recently has it been given to trust and run that way.

Located on the eastern bank of the Williamette River the park doesn't have the benefit of a nice forested hillside like Enchanted Kingdom has; this park is predominantly stuck on a car park. Only a slightly tree lined shore gives shade. 

 As for rides the park has a pretty good selection with the sort of rides you often see at a travelling fair. Twisters, wheels etc.

Proof of the park being built on a car park perhaps?

Local gymnasts putting on a show. This is quite popular in the States with residents being invited to put on a show. Pushy parents aside I guess this is why the typical American is more confident than we are..

With regards to the coasters this park has two. The smaller is a sizeable Miler type kiddy coaster called Zoom. Not a bad ride with the final section throwing us around wildly and not something you'd expect from a children's park.

We approve of this ride!

Are there any Octopus rides that aren't black?

The park is advertising a new ride for next year. They're either putting a racing ride in or taking one out. as that's all I could see in the darkness through the fence. I can't find much else on this. 

They have a carousel and as with some of the older carousels not all the animals are horses.

I really liked the theming on both the ride and the cars here. 

The second coaster was a Pinfari Zyklon. Whilst looking more like an adult ride, as with most Zyklon rides it was a bit rubbish. We actually enjoyed the kiddy coaster more for its ending. This isn't the roughest Zyklon, the loop particularly was smooth but it just wasn't exciting.

A slightly smaller version of this popular spin ride. A nice touch to have the volcano in the centre, when I first saw the sign I had visions of the bodies flying out of the ride.

Let's encourage young kids to shoot guns. "Aim for the pianist Tommy!".

A rather impressive looking miniature train runs the perimeter of the tree-lined part of the park.

If it wasn't for one or two of the more fixed rides this place could easily be mistaken for a travelling fair. The place is clearly popular, as it was busy. It was just a shame being on concrete that it was very very hot.

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