Friday, 19 September 2014

Toronto Morning Walk

I'm notorious for my morning walks on holiday and so far on this trip I hadn't done any. Well being in Toronto and knowing Banksy had been in town a few years ago why wouldn't I get up at a stupid hour and go looking for the last remaining piece?

Just down the road from the hotel was the city Cathedral. Nice structure with striking coppery roofs marred by scaffolding.

Such an stunning structure.

This was rather cute and was worthy of being mentioned for the pun alone. Further research revealed that the "rock" bit comes in the form of a relaunched mini-pops group which for those of my generation will probably bring back memories that are best forgotten. 

K-Tel died in the UK many years ago. Odd to see it still going strong elsewhere. These mini-pops are bad but not as bad as the ones we had.

Morning skies.

This was rather cute. 

Down on the harbourside. More sculptures to be seen.

The Westin hotel has a revolting restaurant at its top.

Rather cool building. I wonder if they have a glass floor on the bridge section?

The Esplanade is home to some rather nice restaurants and drinking places, including The Tilted Kilt, which I brought the guys to the next night.

The single remaining Banksy piece, and the most weird I stumbled on by accident one street away from where I thought it was. I had been told it was in an alleyway off the Esplanade but didn't realised they had closed it off with fencing. Fortunately the piece has been preserved behind perspex and is easy to photograph. It is on Church St, just north of the Esplanade.

When originally done the people had been staring at his name. That had subsequently been removed.

Walking back to the hotel towards an alley that the hotel staff had recommended as being good for graffiti (you can't beat a bit of local knowledge). Still amazing skies but a cloud pattern that foretold possible rain later. 

These pieces are located in Ditty Lane and make reference to the city's headline grabbing mayor Rob Ford. We have it bad with the bumbling oaf Boris Johnson but their mayor is a crack cocaine drunk driving party animal.

A rather nice piece of Nelson Mandela which is an anagram of "Lean and Solemn"

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