Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mont Saint-Sauveur

Mont Saint-Sauveur is another ski resort on the road back to Montreal from Pays des Merveilles. As with Tremblant, this place is busy during the snowy season but during summer does what it can to keep people visiting including the addition of a small amusement park called "Parc Fun".

There's a small selection of rides but nothing really of interest to us. People in this part of the country either walk around topless or visit the waterpark next door. I suspect its the latter.

So why were we here? To ride The Viking, one of two Alpine Coasters in the country.

This one is just over a kilometre in length and was the first to be built in the country opening in 2009.

After a lengthy pre-show and warning conversation with the ride-op where he reiterated how to ride the thing etc. we were allowed. This is a little tedious to have to listen to but we ought to remember that with only 2 of these in the country most people would need the induction.

The ride itself wasn't too bad. We were fortunate that we didn't get too close to the riders in front which always kills the ride experience. We want to go "no brakes" all the way.

and that was the Viking. A really good ride and a definite must-do if you're ever in the area.

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