Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Granby Zoo

Driving through Montreal and east to the city of Granby it was time to visit the next park today.

Along the way we spotted the most romantic of romantic messages written in the most romantic of locations in the most romantic way. I'm hoping Marie didn't mind him using yellow instead of pink though.

The drive to Granby took a little while longer than we would have liked due to traffic in the city and some roadworks on the outskirts slowing us down. Whilst we'd allowed plenty of time at the zoo, the next location did have a time deadline that we had to achieve so as we got close to the park we had to formulate an alternative plan.

lambing (ˈlæmɪŋ) noun
1. (Agriculture) The birth of lambs
2. (Roller coaster riding) The act of visiting a park to ride the coasters you've not ridden then leaving without enjoying the park in any capacity whatsoever.

We decided to lamb the park.

Free stuff being given away at the entrance. We ran past that.

Gift shop. We had no time to buy any.

Amusement park at the back of the zoo. Yes, we'll go there. There's a ticket booth just on the other side from which we were able to buy tickets for the coaster. Other enthusiats reports stated that a book of tickets had to be purchased but we didn't see that today.

Spinning rides? No time for that Dr Jones. 

Cool looking lunar buggy ride? No time for that.

Anaconda has been in the park since 2008 and was made by Italian ride maker L&T systems. It's not a bad ride at all with a decent ending to the ride. A bonus lap made the ride more enjoyable.

In the little time that we had I did manage to wind up Tal that he was sitting next to Erik Bouchard, an elusive coaster-counter person that not many of us know. Sorry Tal!

I spotted the old Cedar Point simulator ride. There are 2 extra credits to be had if you count virtually.

Oh, and being a zoo there should have been some photos of animals. The zoo has 200 different species but rather disappointingly no mooses, bears or beavers. We spent absolutely no time whatsover but here are some camels.

and here's a baby peregrine.

So the animal we saw most at Granby Zoo was the lamb. We weren't very proud of ourselves but we knew our reasons were good. Onto the next place.

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