Friday, 22 August 2014


Usually each year I do a big trip with the European Coaster Club that I document here. 2014 was a little bit different in that for the first time ever, there was no big trip. There had been a plan to visit the Pacific NorthWest area and Canada but for various reasons it fell through. In the absence of a big trip a group of us decided to head out that way, do a similar trip and then remain in Canada visiting the parks in the East of the country.

Week 1 would focus on the Western side of the country starting in Vancouver, driving down to Portland then heading back up to Canada to visit Calgary and Edmonton.

Week 2 would take us to Halifax and drive through Quebec City, Montreal, and Ottawa before finishing in Toronto.

The trip was predominantly theme-park-based but we had tried to fit in quite a bit more to make it a bit more interesting. With lots of amazing scenery to see and cities to explore this could be quite an epic trip. Realising that August was quite a heavy funfair month 2 of us also spent quite a bit of time finding lots of them to check along the way.

As ever this is my opinions of the trip and you're welcome to use any images as long as you make reference to this page and let me know where they're being used. High-res versions are available upon request.

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