Thursday, 18 September 2014

NEB's Funworld

Our next stop took us to Oshawa east of Toronto for a small family fun center called NEB's Funworld. First thing first Neb isn't a person, it's short for North End Bowl as the place is home to a large bowling alley.

The place was listed as having a new coaster that was due to open this year so we thought we'd drop by on the off chance it would be open. This is the sign for the coaster tucked behind the bowling shoes stand - not a good sign

After a little search through the complex we eventually found the coaster tucked away up stairs at the back of the hall built on a mezzanine floor above an indoor go-kart track. It was still in a state of construction. A quick chat with the staff revealed that this coaster had actually been in situ for over 5 years, not a few months as previously thought. The engineers have this as a little side project as they convert the open cars into enclosed cages. They didn't know when it'd be complete.

Here's a clip that shows it running for the park staff back in 2012. 

and that was NEBs. A park to keep an eye on but not one to visit for a while yet I guess.

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