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With all the small parks and fairs that we'd been hitting it was now time for a proper park and entering into Idaho we finished our US leg with the largest park in the Pacific North-West area. Silverwood is a fairly young park being open since only 1988. 

With some decent height to their rides the park is easy to spot along the I-95 as you head north from Coeur d'Alene

Starting with a railway only it has grown into a sizeable park with six rollercoasters including two, reportedly good, wooden coasters.

We visited the park twice, in the evening on the first day and the morning of the second (so that we could get up to Calgary in good time). The first coaster was the newest to the park opening just before our visit. Krazy Koaster is a small spinning ride similar to the one I rode at IAAPA last November.

Cute dog theming overload.

The second coaster was a small powered thing called Tiny Toot. Having squeezed into the ride we were elated to be sent round more times than was necessary :)

Interesting idea for a ride but the seats should have been facing the other way towards the mountain rather than back into the park.

Some young chap quite rightly pointed out that this sign gave him approval to walk around the park with no pants on. A relative of Willie Willey I guess.

These rides can be fun or horrible depending on how you rotate the car. I'm reminded of the time I rode this with Tim in Knoebel's and nearly passed out when he insisted on inverting the car causing the blood to push to the head.

It was a bit like this.

Impressive giant swinging spin ride. At night this was lit up pretty good.

With the 2 kiddy coasters out of the way it was time for the big rides and we went for the biggest one first. At over 200ft tall Aftershock was a proper thrill and I came with a great adrenaline buzz. These rides have become quite nomadic in America. This one came from Chicago, the Californian one moved to New England, the Georgian one is currently awaiting assembly in Brazil. There are 3 more in Spain, Russia and China which to date have stayed put.

The first wooden coaster that we rode was Timber Terror, the older of the two having opened in 1996. This is a typical out-and-back style of coaster that we all really enjoyed. Plenty of airtime in all the rows made this a re-rideable coaster.

A rather cartoony warning sign.

The second coaster Tremors, the most rated of the two, has a more twisted design and as in my opinion was a bit too wild for me. I did love the amount of tunnel dives that it has, but the other coaster was more enjoyable to ride in my opinion. 

I assumed the "Tremors" name had something to do with the ground shaking...not your bowels.

A ride themed around the Tremor's film would be great though, and with the airtime both coasters offered you could fly!

One thing I loved about Tremors is that it has a gift-shop fly through where the ride comes up through the structure. 

One for the pinball fans. This can be found in the gift shop too!

The rapids had quite a lengthy queue but the others went for it. Me? I just used some of my left over quarters from Ground Kontrol to fire the water cannons. 

and on the second day I spent a small fortune doing the same thing on the flume. Much fun to be had (evil laugh)

Corkscrew rides are horrible and this one I think I escaped with a minor blow the jaw. The fact that I can't remember exactly probably implies the blow to the head was a bit more forceful than I recall.

Deaf-friendly signage that should tell people without hearing aids that they're in danger of needing them when they get back to the station. 

We finished the evening sessions with the others having some night time rides on the two wooden coasters. I couldn't be bothered, the combination of a long day and the continuing stomach issues meant I was happy taking photos.

Tal, this isn't Japan!

Moody flume.
We stopped briefly on the expressway to get this shot.

So what did I think of Silverwood. Considering it's still a young park its come along great and its easily the best "big" park in the area but its also the most corporate with excessive warning signs and attempts to avoid litigation. Memories of the smaller parks like Enchanted Forest will remain with me for longer. Both wooden coasters are good and worth the visit. Most people prefer Tremors to Timber Terror; I'm the other way around.

Well with Silverwood out of the way it was time to head North back into Canada for the rest of the trip.

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