Friday, 19 September 2014

Downtown Toronto

On our first night in Toronto we decided to take a walk from our downtown hotel to the CN Tower. Having not made into the city proper on my last visit I was looking forward to this.

The Adelaide Court House building was built in the 1850s and is one of the older buildings in the city. Once the city court house its now home to an Italian Restaurant and Jazz Club....Nice!

As with any city there was quite a lot of construction going on in the city.

Men on a Mission.

The Ice Hockey Hall of Fame is the place to visit if you've got any interest in Ice Hockey and houses the Stanley Cup should you wish to have your photo taken with it. The only thing I know about Ice Hockey is Wayne Gretzky was the best play on the my desire to go in wasn't great.

I do like the statue outside it though.

The Sony Centre is one of the city's more popular exhibition halls and houses music concerts and stage shows.  There wasn't anything on during our visit but in the past they have had the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk and Yo Gabba Gabba (WTF) perform. 

The majestic CN Tower in the distance. Our destination for the night.

This hotel had a rather whimsical looking lion statue. Cool though.

A mobile poutine truck. Love it!

This was a rather bizarre monument to honour people who had died in industrial accidents.

Not the David we know. I wonder how the bread tasted?

Some of the descriptions on how they died were border-line frightening/comical.

Who'd have thought making Innocent Smoothies would be so deadly.

Run over by a lawnmower perhaps? Anyway I spent too long laughing at some of these.

Beneath the tower is what I always knew as the Skydome but is now called the "Roger's Centre" in honour of nobody called Roger but some business called Rogers Communication. How dry. "Skydome" is so much better. The sculpture adorning its wall is called The Audience. 

The Tower gets its own page next.

Overlooking the main station. This couldn't be photographed from the street due to it being buried behind construction hoardings. 

The Romanesque church is St Andrews 

A random whale statue.

This is the Elgin and Winter Garden theatres, the only Edwardian stacked theatres in existence. 

Back at the Tower we asked a guide for a good place to eat and she led us to the middle of nowhere. As with any big city head for neon and you're bound to find something. In Toronto it's Dundas Square which has loads of eating places.

It's like the Times Square or Piccadilly Circus of Toronto.

We plumped for the Hard Rock Cafe which isn't famous for its modest portion sizes.

A Dundas pano.

Like the pier in Vancouver, Dundas Square was hosting a free evening cinema. The film tonight was Unfunny Indy Car comedy Talladega Nights. Not spiking our interest we headed back to the hotel.

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