Friday, 29 August 2014

Benton County Fair

So having dropped 2 fairs and Tal at the hotel (he was all faired out), Ze Germans and I decided to visit another fair a short drive from the hotel. 

This one was located on SW 53rd Street midway between the towns of Philomath and Corvallis south of Salem, which was where we were staying. This one was different to every other fair we'd been to in that we weren't asked to pay to enter, we could just walk in. We also somehow managed to avoid paying for the car parking by hiding the car behind a large lorry where the high-vis clad attendant couldn't see us :)

This must be what Fonz did after he left Happy Days. The shame in jumping the shark clearly cost him dearly.

The clip from which the phrase was coined...

The ride selection was a bit sparse compared to the land they had to put the rides on. There was clearly room for a lot more.

Nice paint job on this ride.

Funtastic are based out of Oregon and were running this show. They clearly didn't have far to travel for this fair.

Another Gravitron. It took a few attempts to get a photo with all the letters lit - proud.

Having failed to spot a coaster we were about to give up and leave when the ever-sensible Christof spotted some more lights to the north and convinced us to go and check it out.

There were more rides including this cute spinning bear thing.

and a coaster, yippee! Now it's another dragon wagon but not the powered type we had seen everywhere else. This one was a proper gravity powered ride. Would we get to ride it?


The old chap running the ride told us we had to be shorter than the top of the height chart. Whether he was making the rule up or not I don't know but he did let a girl who was taller than that ride as we were walking off

Another one eludes us...

With not much else to do we headed back to the hotel. So much ground covered and we were only on day 3. Tomorrow we had much less driving to do as we headed up to Portland.

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