Sunday, 7 September 2014

Crystal Palace

Making our way back to the mainland we headed to the town of Dieppe, which those of us in the UK know as the little town near Calais (it features heavily in our French textbooks) for they Crystal Palace amusement park.

On the way the heavens opened up. I'm guessing the storm that had hit Edmonton was now on this side of the country. Fortunately that the ride we were wanting to ride was indoors.

The indoor park has been around since 1990 and has around a dozen rides circumnavigated by a roller coaster called Bullet. It's part of a complex including a small exhibition hall and a Ramada Hotel.

This was an enclosed lazer game and one of the more popular attractions in the park.

The coaster itself actually was pretty decent with a long track, more than one lap for the price of the ticket and a really cool enclosed section where you go through the belly of a pirate ship.

Enclosed chair swings are always fun and there were a number of rides that it swung close to.  

This family were cheating at the fruit ninja game by using all 3 kids to try to slice the fruit. I hope they realise they only get the big bonus if you hit lots of fruit in a single swipe.

Once again, the carousel was always full.

I have no idea what this is. It's weird.

So the stop to Crystal Palace was brief, and we spent as much time as we had to before hitting the road. We were extremely fortunate to have made it here as just 2 weeks after our visit the park announced its closure after 24 years in business. The park closed immediately and the exhibition hall hotel are due to close this October. That's sad as there really isn't much else like this in the area other than Magic Mountain water park.

We now had a lengthy drive to our hotel in Saint Basile around 4 hours away and one of the longer stretches on the trip.

The storms accompanied us for most of the way.

Tal takes back-seat driving to the next level.

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