Sunday, 21 September 2014


So this trip was absolutely epic, and having spent 4 weeks going through the photos and writing it up I'm now appreciating just how much we did. I knew that each day was busy but its easy to lose the scale of the undertaking whilst on the trip.

Canada is a lovely country and whilst we didn't see the bears, beavers and mooses I've joked about I was blown away by the scenery and I loved what I saw of the cities that we explored. I'm definitely going back to Quebec City, which I'd probably pair up with a trip to the Calgary Stampede, one of the few outstanding things to tick off a Canada bucket list.

Choosing not to drive means that places that are car dependant are all but inaccessible to me and whilst I could have done most of the trip, the travel costs would have been immense so I'm grateful that Thomas and Tal were happy to drive us around.

I have to say thanks to Tal, Thomas and Christof for inviting me onto the trip and I hope that my suggestions of things to include on the trips were well received. I think I've made 3 new Cirque fans for a start, so I'm glad I had the opportunity to do some non-coaster stuff too.

As I do more independent travelling and doing more than just the coasters (although that'll always be a reason for going somewhere new) I'm seeing myself moving further from the club trips, which is perhaps my one regret. I know that for example they have plans to repeat the first week of our trip in 2016. I'm unlikely to be on it and will instead likely be one step ahead of them now visiting a place that'll impact a trip of their's in the future.

Next year's big trip will either be Italy, Central America, or China. I've yet to decide.

Thankyou to you for taking the time to read through this.

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  1. What an amazing trip report! There are so many places you visited that I've never even heard of and you covered them in amazing detail. This report is just the motivation I needed to get out there and see so many undiscovered places. Thank you for posting this!