Saturday, 6 September 2014

Calaway Park

The only amusement park in the Calgary and so not having to do too much to get the punters in is Calaway Park located about 10km west of the city. 

A rather cloudy entrance, are they clouds? Hmm!

It would quickly become apparent that Calaway likes signs for they are in abundance in this park.

They even have a sign telling you how to have fun!

Some of the theming is pretty cool actually with a slight Bonbon land vibe to the prehistoric section.

This is an interactive maze attraction. Having seen the damage that comes from being stuck in one and not wanting to do anything to jeopardise our itinerary today as we had a plane to catch we gave it a miss.

The park has a big sign telling you all about how they're replacing the flume with a new water attraction which looks pretty good actually.

They have glitter tattoos, and signs pointing the way to the glitter tattoo place! Signs!!!!

A very old looking carousel 

At the back of the park was The Vortex, their corkscrew coaster.

The entrance way consists of lots of signs, signs everywhere.

Before boarding you get to read a sign telling you all about your liabilities.

Actually this was a great corkscrew coaster and I can say that because I did not get one knock whatsoever, and I did not mind being sent around for a second lap. I don't know what's faulty with the ride to cause it to be rideable but I hope they don't fix it any time soon. Seriously if any self-proclaimed expert tries to be funny by saying "there's no such thing as a good Arrow corkscrew" I'll retort with "Ooh, you haven't been to Calway Park then".

I wish every town had a BBQ Choo Choo.

The park clearly aims itself at the young kids and the big coaster does seem ill-fitting with the rest of the park.

Mini Express was a coaster that ended up annoying me. It's quite a slow ride and if it wasn't downhill all the way could be a questionable coaster. I also remember being sent around it more times than I'd have liked, especially as I was squeezed into the back.

But the main reason is that at the end of the trip I thought I'd reached 1600 coasters with the last one and it wasn't until I got home that I realised I'd previously ridden this one in Houston. Messing up the achievement and leaving me 1 short.

The dullest train ride in the world. On your right...nothing as far as the eyes can see. To your left the park you've chosen to leave for this.

This was quite a strange ride and a variation on the Intamin Half Pipe Coasters but this one tips forward as well. Is it a coaster or not? I'll put it out there for you to discuss and debate. 

Given Calgary's cowboy and rodeo roots it was not a surprise to see a ride themed that way here. The Calgary stampede is a huge rodeo event that attracts a big fair. It takes place in July and I'd love to come back for that. It's on the bucket list.

More pointless signs.

Aeromax is a crop-sprayer themed ride but without the spraying.

Err this looks a bit too much like Thomas the Tank Engine.

That's a rather large swan!

A baby Enterprise ride.

A little bit of nature towards the back of the park.

Reuse an old car by making it the centrepiece to your gardens.

They have a haunted walkthrough but being a kids park it wasn't overly scary.

So Calaway is fine for a stop over, but we'd found something a bit more adult just down the road and we were headed there next.

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