Saturday, 6 September 2014

Country Mercantile

Located on route 395 north of Kennewick in Oregon (where? exactly!) is Country Mercantile a large indoor market complex that has a small number of rides.

The market was immaculate and had a large selection of food.

Lots and lots of sweets, I might have to stock up although we still had the donuts in the car so couldn't go too crazy. 

Trying to find the opening times of the rides was a bit of a mare with no responses on FB or Twitter. I ended up writing to them and was basically told if the complex is open the rides will be open.

That was the kiddy coaster.

The loneliest frog hopper in all of Oregon

A rather strangely located ticket office which was closed. We bought our tickets inside the market.

Just in case you're worried you'll miss this place just look for the big barn.

Christof consults a map to help find the coaster.

The coaster was fine, great for kids, a "tick" for us and nothing more.

Back inside the market we take the opportunity to buy some of their wares. Thomas went of the ice cream - I bought a load of sweets that subsequently melted later in the day. Don't leave them in a hot car people!

Check out our atrocious parking! We so bad.

Country Mercantile is a great way to break up the drive from Portland to Spokane, even more so if you count coasters or just fancy something to eat. 

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