Saturday, 6 September 2014

Atlantic Playland

Heading back to Halifax we stopped off at Atlantic Playland which is a small amusement and water park in Hammonds Plains about 40 minutes outside of the main city. We did this and Clement's this way around due to the opening times of the parks and the drives times between them.

First impressions were that this was a run down park but actually it was alright and they had some nice touches and some investment into some of the attractions.

How can you not like an attraction with the name "Monkey Jungle"?

A great statue of Charlie the Unicorn - If only they'd called the park "Candy Mountain". Doing so would certainly attract the geek crowd.

Such an epic cartoon.

I think we were a bit big to ride this.

Was there really an elephant Brass Band? Amazing!

The park has a small kiddy coaster which the ride operators kindly allowed us to ride with no problem whatsoever. In fact they were really nice peeps asking us about our trip and recommending the bigger parks in the area that we'd be hitting later on in the trip.

The ride was another Miler type ride and it was fine but not one we'd have wanted to take home with us.

The rest of the park looked to be in good nick and they had a good selection of rides for the kids.

At one end was the water park which had more people in it than the main park. Given the lovely weather we were experiencing that was perhaps not a surprise. 

and so the brief visit came to an end and it was time to take the long drive up to Amherst where we'd be that night. A good end to a pretty tiring day.

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