Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sandspit Cavendish Beach

Just west of Shining Waters, less than a minute away in fact is the second coaster-owning park on the island, Sandspit. 

A Sandspit is the name given to the long strip of sandy beach that forms around the opening to an estuary and there is one just behind the park so that's where the name is from. 

The carousel was similar in size and design to the one down the road but they had done an amazing paint job on the ride with a red/gold/black theme going on. In fact most of the rides in the park had that making the visit quite unique.

The kiddy rides in the colour scheme.

Even the mini train ride.

I thought at first the final box was where we were to put out explosives then I realised "plastique" just means "plastic" in French.

The coaster in the background is another of the German Schwarzkopf rides. Edmonton's was hard to reach, I think this one is even harder.

More standard park rides but with the non-standard paint job which I was loving more and more.

I'll assume that being stripped down to it's bare metal that the Twister ride was going to be painted in line with everything else. It certainly stood out.

The kiddy coaster was simply way too small for us to ride, and as such remains the only coaster on the island to elude me...not that I was too bothered.

The Cyclone coaster was a great ride and the trains looked great. Speaking to the ride Op he said the ride had come from a Six Flags park. Further research has shown that not to be the case and its reportedly been here since 1996 and prior to that was at Rocky Point Park in Rhode Island.

Christof and Tal did like it. Honest!

Given that no other enthusiast has mentioned the colour scheme I'll assume that this is a fairly recent decision. It's definitely the right one.

Park pano 

A couple of shots from the wheel. The crazy golf looked fairly straightforward.

Not fitting in with the colour scheme at all are the rather lurid soft toys.

Sandspit is just a selection of rides but whoever decided to repaint the rides has made an excellent decision and this park was one of my favourites simply for that reason. Why invest millions on a huge coaster when a little splash of coordinated colour can make a place magical.

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