Monday, 1 September 2014


Unfortunately Salem in Oregon isn't the Salem in Steven King's "Salem's Lot". That's in Maine over on the other side of the country. So with a quick half-hour spare in the morning we had a quick check of the city before heading to the first park of the day.

Two rival churches across the street from each other.
The older looking one is the First Presbyterian Church. The more modern looking building is the St Joseph's. 

Reminds me of this silly joke

Not far from those competing churches was the capital state building, which was the real reason for popping by here. No usually the capital building is a grand affair with a building that looks like The Whitehouse. This was different though with a more modern Art Deco vibe to it. The gold covered statue on the top isn't anyone in particular - the piece is called "Oregon Pioneer" 

On the day we visited there was a large basketball competition taking place. The National Guard Hoopla is a open to all 3-on-3 competition for all genders and age groups. The streets around the capitol building had been closed and covered in temporary courts.

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