Saturday, 23 August 2014


Day 2 had us visiting 2 parks and visiting 3 fairs with a bit of sightseeing wrapped around that. With the first park opening at 1030 we had the morning to do the sightseeing in the city of Seattle. Now I've been here before but the others hadn't. The good things is that we still managed to visit some new stuff.

We had been staying at the Holiday Inn in Everett, a small town that offers nothing of not to the out-of-towners. If you like big buildings then the Boeing factory is close by. That's the largest building in the world by volume. 

We didn't go to that instead choosing to visit the Space Needle which opens early and offers an early bird ticket price as an incentive. 

That's a pretty huge cruise ship down there.

A regular view of downtown.

and a pano version. I'm starting to like my new camera. 

Looking to the north-west I spotted this amazing piece of art on a neighbouring rooftop that made it look like giant daddy-long-legs were on there. A very clever artist named Marlin Peterson had clearly seen the opportunity to paint a piece where the viewpoint was fixed so the 3D effect is preserved. There's more about this on his website

Following the tower visit we headed into the city cemetery where Thomas had found out that Bruce and Brandon Lee had been laid to rest. A little bit of poignancy to start the day but this was so cool to see; it did take a little while to find the stones within the graveyard though. 

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