Sunday, 7 September 2014

Mega Parc

Overnight the weather cleared up a bit and we completed the drive to Quebec City where were hoping to visit another park, do some sightseeing and I was taking the group to see a Cirque du Soleil show. First the park.

Mega Parc is a large mall located in the west of the city.

and within that is a large amusement park and being Canada the obligatory ice rink.

Like Crystal Palace the park's coaster goes around the building. This one is much higher up than that.

Being Canada they have maple-covered bacon dispensers, and they're free. Amazing!

The selection of rides in the park was OK and the mall was immaculate. The shiny floors reflecting the lights of the rides. I'm wondering if they drive the ice rink zamboni around the entire complex.

To reach the Capitale Express coaster you need to ascend to the top floor. It is well signposted. 

The coaster is quite lengthy starting with an enclosed tunnel section before the coaster emerges out into the mall. It's quite a zippy ride and easily re-rideable.

Their arcade hall is pretty good. I've not seen a multi-player Indy 500 game in years.

Ah, I first saw these intense looking mini Top-Spin rides in Russia. Interesting that they've now found their way west (or east if that's shorter).

I thought the dodgem cars were well themed.

Strange design for a table-top.

The coaster is easily the best ride in the park.

If you're in Quebec City then this place is worth a visit. I just hope it doesn't suffer the same plight as Crystal Palace.

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