Sunday, 21 September 2014

Toronto Bus Tour

On our final day in Toronto we knew that in the afternoon we'd be at the city fair leaving the morning open for us to do our thing. Tal undertook a mission to drive to Niagra Falls leaving the rest of us car-less so it felt the best way to see the city would be to do so on the red-top tour bus. Here are some photos from that with what I remember from the tour.

Random heraldic coat of arms hidden behind bushes. This isn't the official Toronto one though as that features a beaver and a bear.

Now this would be a great pun if it was situated on the intersection of Yonge St and Rich St, but it's not. It's an upmarket property company.

I know some people that would love to study here.

Back at Dundas Square. The cinema had made way for the fountains. The sadist in me says they should have turned the fountains on mid-show.

The Canadians love their bacon so much they'll even advertise it.

That model is selling the watch, not that you'd think by looking at it.

Castle Starbucks. If Thomas or Jeppe could own a castle it'd probably be this one.

Haha! Great name but I doubt I'd fail to eat big and would probably have to leave.

The Scientologists have a centre on Yonge Street - it is rightly ridiculed by the bus tour. Yonge Street was at one time deemed the longest street in the world with a total length of over 1,800 km. That has been beaten by the Pan-American highway.

This is the Hazelton Hotel is one of the 5-star hotels in the city so if you're a celeb hunter you may want to hang around outside here but just be careful you don't get spat on if Beiber is in town.

In the distance is a sculpture of a bench which is heated so apparently a popular hang out for the city's homeless late at night.

That's the Lillian Massey building, a rather dignified neo-classical structure seen in most established cities.

Across the street is the much more jarring Royal Ontario Museum looking like the geodesic form of Proteus from Demon Seed had burst out of the building. 

One of the more expensive schools in the city.

not far from one of the least successful sporting schools. Our guide told us that the Toronto Varsity Blues teams generally suck.

An interesting mix of property, architecture and styles.

In the distance is the Casa Loma. I was hoping to visit that on foot later.

Some cool graffiti. I was also hoping to scout some of that on foot later too.

I thought this was in bad taste but it's actually widely known as being one of the best children's hospitals in the world. If you're a Disney or Pixar fan then you need to work here as this is where their films get their world premieres. Yep, they're shown to the kids here before the rest of that world. That's actually pretty cool. 

This is just rude...

This is one of the University buildings and it's totally safe, really!

Having damaged one of their news vehicles rather than sell it for scrap they stuck it to the side of the building and called the piece "Breaking News". 

Not looking sleazy at all. We'd had our Hooters fix on the trip already and didn't want to do it with the spicy wings...That is why people go there, for the wings.


A railway museum not far from the CN Tower.

Now I'm not usually interested in construction sites but this one has a bit of a story. When Banksy came to Toronto he left a piece on the building that used to sit here. Before demolishing the building the owners secured the piece and are expected to put it into the reception of the new building.

It was my favourite of all the pieces that he did, so I hope this plan does come to fruition.

When I die I don't want to go to heaven or hell. I want to go here... Love the pun!

The market building has a huge mural on its exterior. Nice but not graff enough for me :)

This is the old city hall located in the heart of the city. It has been replaced with a more modern uglier looking building nearby.  

Some more graffiti.

The Eaton Centre is located opposite Dundas Square where the bus tour starts and ends.
A huge mall complex, that I had a quick walk around and toilet stop before continuing the tourist tour. The bus tour is great and takes around 90 minutes to complete the lap. The ticket is good for 24 hours and is the easiest way to see the city.

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