Saturday, 23 August 2014

Stanwood County Fair

Having learnt our lessons from the previous fairs we changed tact with the next one. The Stanwood and Camano Fair is located on the Pioneer Highway just off the I5 and rather than us all pay to go in it was decided that we'd send one in and I volunteered.

Some pretty good yeehaw music being played here. Camano is the second island that sits between Whidbey and the Mainland. 

A barren putting course.

A Camaro in Camano. It rhymes! This is the model that Bumblebee transforms into.

Transformers roll...

Another good selection of rides...

...and a coaster that wasn't a Dragon Wagon!

but it still had an upper height limit. The operator was pretty cool and explained he wouldn't have minded letting us ride but he just wasn't allowed to.

This sort of summed up how I felt!

So giving up on the midway I had a quite scout around on the off-chance there was something else worth the others coming into to see. I drew a blank!

This did make me laugh though.

So the pattern of not being allowed to ride continued but as someone who rides coasters to travel rather than travels to ride coasters, it was nice to get out into the communities of both Vancouver and Washington State and see the people socialising and enjoying their fairs and music more than I was :)

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