Friday, 19 September 2014

Blue Mountain Resort

Located in the centre of the ski runs is the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster; the second in Canada and second on our trip.

It's that curly orange thing slap bank in the centre of all the ski slopes.

When we got there in the morning it was perhaps not a surprise to find it not open.

It looked like a pretty good layout and we liked the helixes at the end. Coming through them at speed would be great.

We had a bit of contingency time to kill today so rather than hang about like we did at the Santa's place we decided to go off and get some lunch and head to the next park, then on the way back to Toronto we'd drive past here and check it again.

Just as well we did because when we returned the board had been updated to Open and there were now people queueing to ride.

This ride had a pretty strict boarding policy including the signing of a waiver and a pre-ride video that you had to watch. The industry needs to have a card that says "I'm not an idiot" that the right people could flash to skip all that nonsense.

Here's a vid that someone else took and kindly shared on the tube.

We all liked the ride but there was a big issue with its ending. They've braked the ride and the two helixes couldn't be taken at speed. This was a shame and having heard stories of the same thing being done to the rides in Germany we weren't expecting it to have happened out here.

Still the rest of it is good and this place is definitely worth a visit.

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