Saturday, 6 September 2014

Upper Clements Theme Park

The first park we hit was the very much out-of-the-way Upper Clements Park which is located near Annapolis on the western end of Nova Scotia

This park was a concern to me as I've had friends that have tried time and time again to ride the coaster here with mixed success. It took one friend 4 attempts before he got it and considering where it is that's quite a stupid thing to do. I was prepared to not get this one, and never to come back.

The park has quite a lot of buildings compared to rides, some server as eateries, some museums but I loved the architecture. Very homely!

Argh! Eggs! I don't like these.

So the roller coaster is a wooden ride that's been in place since 1989 and for year's it was known as Tree Topper. This name was changed a year or two ago when the park expanded to a second park down the road where an aerial assault course took the name. Now the ride just has the "roller coaster" moniker.

The ride has an interesting layout with the second drop being bigger than the first and it follows the terrain down the hillside close to a lake quite nicely.

and the fortunate news was that it was running and the operations were so good that the girl even let us ride without taking our tickets. Great! 

and I'm pleased to say that this ride was really really good. After a rather auspicious and gentle start the ride really kicks in a gear on the second and third drops. It's not a top 10 ride but it's nowhere near the bottom of my list either, and the euphoria of getting it on the first attempt somehow made the experience all the more positive.

Elsewhere in the park we found this rather quirky haunted attraction. It's a series of decorated rooms with a maze on the upper floor which we concluded didn't have a centre or anything of note to find. It was very dark though.

I guess maze-master extraordinaire Jeppe came to this maze with some friends who are still waiting for him to find his way out?

Definitely home made and unique.

The balance of cute and spooky is just about perfect here.

More cool buildings.

Remnants of the original carousel now located inside one of the houses as a little museum. Cute!

The carousel was stunning though and quite popular with those who were in the park, helped by a very enthusiastic ride operator...although she was quite a little loud for lil ol' sleep deprived me.

As you can tell the park wasn't particularly busy today.

Tal gives the flume a go and didn't get too wet (disappointing). I thought it looked a bit filthy and chose to forego it. 

Nice views from the flume bridges though and I'm glad the Edmonton storms hadn't reached us.

My favourite sign of the entire trip!

Christof in a rare moment of pastoral reflection.

We finished the visit re-riding the rather excellent wooden coaster.

I'm not sure how I overlooked this on the way in but it reminded me of the train in the final scene of Back to the Future where the kid tried to indicate to the director to hurry up because he needed to pee.

A very nice park and a hard to get credit made the second half of the trip get off to a great start.

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