Sunday, 21 September 2014

Story Book Park

Continuing along the coast and heading towards the city of Owen Sound our next park was a new one. Whilst the park has been open since 1975 it only got its first coaster this year and within the enthusiasts community we were its first visitors. 

The fairly modest entrance was a nice indication that this park was not about corporately built rides or big expenses but making the most of what you could get. After a brief chat with the park staff who seemed happy to have any visitors given the grey skies they told us that we could ride the coaster and they'd get some people over to get it running for us. You can't fault the customer service here.

The land train was pretty cool. It looks like they got hold of something from Mad Max and tried to make it child-friendly. 

Cool putting green. I just know I'd overshoot that and send the ball flying.

A small chapel.

Yes! We finally found a moose!

Yes! We finally found a beaver!

Yes! We finally found a bear!

OK so we were clutching at straws here but well done park for making us smile.

Great looking Art Deco style car.

The coaster was a small Miler coaster and at time of writing the newest coaster in Canada, that we were the first to ride. 

It was acutally a nice punchy little ride too. We believe it came from a Jeeper's Pit FEC somewhere across the border.

A down right sinister looking Humpty Dumpty.

A number of attractions came in the format of settings within small houses. Sort of like an Efteling type feeling where the kids can safely go and explore.

Their haunted house was actually pretty good with everything made locally and being the only people in the park meant that we weren't forewarned by others of the surprises within it, so yes I did jump when hit with an air jet.

We spent a little bit of time feeding the deer. They looked really content and well looked after.

I'm not sure what this is. A Canadian Nessie?

Made with a passion.

This was a bit weird. I guess this is some way of identifying the boys from the girls.

The rabbits were fortunately not like the ones in Holy Grail and we were safe to feed them too with no risk of them biting our necks.

Which circus act do vampires like best? The jugglers!

and that was our brief visit to a very out of the way park. Despite it being so quiet and empty we could tell that the people enjoyed working here and I'm sure they have a popular attraction. I have no idea on their attendance numbers but I'm sure they're good enough to keep them going with what they have.

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