Sunday, 7 September 2014

Montmorency Falls Park

Thomas suggested a visit to Montmorency Falls located around 12km north east of Quebec City.

The rather stunning palatial building now serves as a gift-shop in which I had to endure listening to a stupid British woman asking how to use a fridge magnet, I kid you not. And we wonder why the French hate us. In her defence the assistant was very patient with her.

The area has been set up as a nice walk with a suspension bridge over the top of the falls.

and a decent down to the foot of the falls.

You can then walk around to a cable car that brings you back up to the top. Loving the view from the top.

The falls are higher than the Niagra Falls. I think Tal still prefers Iguazu - he's so spoiled :)

The foot of the waterfall isn't soaking wet, the platform being far enough away to get a wall of fine spray but it was too wet to risk getting the camera out for a photo, hence this one taken further away.

This guy spent ages lining up a shot. I never understand why it takes so long to line up a shot of something that doesn't move....I also can't understand why I chose to take photos of his arse.

and that was Montmorency. Quite stunning, and a great addition to the trip. Thanks Thomas!

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