Friday, 29 August 2014

Thurston County Fair

Thurston County is located east of Olympia and was the location of yet another fair for us to check out. August is clearly a good month for fairgrounds :)

This fair has been running for around 130 years and has around 7,500 visitors each day that it is open. That's pretty good going for a small fair.

This is a pretty cool idea. Take the tractor pull attraction that usually happens at demolition derby type venues and create a pedal-power version of it for the kids.

Perhaps when they're older some of the kids aspire to take the tractor-pulling career to the next level!

Shade covered entertainment came in the form of local kids doing dance routines with pushy parents encouraging them from the sidelines. At least that's what was going on during our brief visit.

Again, this fair had a nice selection of rides that appealed to teens and youngsters alike.

and, once again another Dragon Wagon coaster that we could look at but not ride. Apparently only one adult has ever successfully conquered the dragon.

Nobody can stop the Putin...(this is actually a photoshop that I did for a friend last's now found its way to Russia. Oops!) 

It was becoming more and more apparent that Chance Zippers were the most likely attraction at US fairs.

Ring of Fires must be popular too. Coming back from the trip Six Flags announced that some of their parks are going to get themed versions of these rides. I guess they negotiated a good deal and got them on the cheap.

As well as liking rides I enjoy the art that adorns some of them and there are some great pieces out there...not this one mind.

Gravitron flashback. This was one of the first spin rides I did at Alton Towers many years ago.

Nice day nice rides...

So yet another fair and another disappointment, but again its a nice day, nice weather, friendly people and a chance to get off the beaten track and see real people. So all good.

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