Saturday, 6 September 2014

Voodoo Donuts

This was our hotel in Portland the rather grand Benson hotel. I got us a good deal and in exploring morning walk opportunities areas I spotted somewhere to go to eat...

The hotel was so posh you could order door knobs!

From what I saw of Portland it seemed pretty liberal and quite a nice city even the homeless were friendly. It's a bit like San Fransisco in that regards. I'd like to go back as I didn't really get to spend much time here as we were due to hit the road for quite a drive today.

Back to the morning walk. This is Voodoo Donut which showed up in quite a few "Portland Must Do" and "Top 10" lists. There aren't many cities where a donut shop does that so it had to be something special.

We had stopped by the original one which opened in 2003. There are now 3 others: 1 in Portland, 1 in Eugene and 1 further afield in Denver.

They have a range of 100 different types of donuts and they're open 24 hours a day and the velvet rope outside indicated that queue lines were common. They make more than half a million dollars a year, which is insane! 

Totally spoiled for choice I just asked for "4 filled donuts with fancy stuff on the outside"

and this was what we got. A cream filled powdered donut, a jam filled chocolated iced donut, a mango iced mango filled donut and the signature voodoo donut all stored in their signature pink voodoo box. Yum!

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