Saturday, 6 September 2014

Halifax or not

Any opportunity to visit Halifax were kicked to the kerb by our a failure to have any rental cars in Halifax despite us pre-arranging one, and it wasn't just our car company but all of them. Those who didn't have anything pre-arranged were having to find an alternative way to get away from the airport. An unfortunate start to a day we knew would be challenging due to the overnight flight to get here.

Waiting patiently for the car to become available.

When we did eventually get the car and figure out how to get all our luggage into the back of it (I knew Tetris skills would be useful one day) we headed out for breakfast and where else but Mr Horton's.

Christof is modelling this season's hitch-hiker look.

and Tal uses his finger tip yoga technique to prepare for the day ahead.

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