Monday, 8 September 2014

Mont Tremblant

Located north-west of Montreal is the ski resort of Mont Tremblant and facing the challenges most seasonal ski resorts face have to add attractions for the Summer season, and it was one of those that we'd come to visit.

On entering the town it takes on a magical European theme with some brightly coloured buildings. On the day of our visit there was a triathlon event going on causing a little delay due to close roads and us having to make way for the cyclists. Let us run them down and call it a "die-athlon"

We were not hear for the yoga. The meditative spiritual patter from woman running the class was quite amusing.  

Borderline garish colours. If you recall at the start of the trip that I fell ill. It was here that my body finally decided to behave itself. Not the best lasting memory of a ski resort visit admittedly. 

We were here to visit the second luge of the trip, and completing the Canadian set. This track was steeper than the Calgary one and being able to achieve greater speeds myself and Tal became even more competitive with us being shouted at by overly caring parents as we'd fly past their child in front of them. In the first race Tal did his best to take me out and our collision allowed Christof to pass us both. In the second run I was unstoppable :) 

Here's a go-pro shot of this particular track. These guys just aren't competitive enough.

As you've noticed the weather gods were smiling on us again.

Some views from the top looking down at the lego-style complex below. If anything having such bright colours makes it easier to find in an avalanche...or google earth.

For our second run the park mascot comes and visits and did hijack a luge which he rode back to the bottom. Good job!

Mont Tremblant was a great stop, and we wished these Luge rides were more widespread. Having now done 3 of them I have to go all the way to New Zealand for the other two. The world needs more. 

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