Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wild Water and Wheels

Located near the small town of Peterborough close to Toronto is a small park called Wild Water and Wheels. It's home to another unique coaster - a PVC pipeline design this time.

The skies were a bit ominous and having endured rain for most of the drive up we weren't sure that the park would open. We got lucky that they were open for a short window as more storm clouds were due. If Coaster Gods did exist then they were certainly smiling on us today.

There is no lift hill for the riders. The carts go up a lift hill but the passengers have to make their way up this staircase to the top.

Having sat in the little fibreglass sled you're then kicked off the top to make your way around to the bottom of the lift hill where you disembark before the cart makes its way back up to the top.

Christof has a need...a need for speed!

This was another of Tal's coaster bucket list. Fair to say like the rest of us he liked it loads.

Aside from the coaster there are a small number of attractions including pitching nets... 

...crazy golf
...and the hug a gorilla game.

A nice little park that people should hit for the coaster only. Being unique and sitting on something on something so small does make it a little bit scary and having ridden so many coasters getting any type of scare is a rare thing.

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