Sunday, 7 September 2014

Expo de Victoriaville

Having run for 156 years the Expo de Victoriaville is one of the larger parks in the Quebec area and as with the others it consisted of rides, farm stuff and exhibition halls.

We got there quite late and the fair was in full swing. The second evening park visit of the trip we had a challenge trying to fit this park in and decided hitting it before heading back to the hotel was the right way to go.

Considering this was a travelling carousel it was in immaculate condition.

The Ram is Dodge's pick up. These things are huge. I can't imagine people casually walking past and going "Oh, I would really love a Ram to go with my elephant ears"). They retail at around 30,000 US dollars - that's a lot of money for a car but not for a tank.

The childrens rides weren't being used. I guess given the time of day. 

The bigger rides however were pulling in sizeable queues, probably the largest queues of all the fairs we hit on the trip. There is much in the area theme park wise so I take it its a big deal when they do come into town.

More queues...and we quickly discovered no coasters - the first fair to draw a blank. This was quite a shock as in previous years they've had up to three. 

Like Magneto discarding Mystique when she lost her powers in X-Men 3 - with no coasters, sorry fair, but you're no good to us.

Checking out the exhibition halls we had more cows resting.

A mother goat trying to rest and her kid doing its best to stop her.

This ice rink had been set up in preparation for a concert but we knew nothing of the act Bob Bissonette. Subsequent investigations has revealed he was a former ice hockey player who now sings songs about sport. 

I think we made the right choice in not sticking around.

Knowing nothing about Ice Hockey I thought the Victoriaville Tigres were a big team but they're not. They're in the junior leagues. I'm sure they treat it very seriously though.

So the Victoriaville expo turned out to draw a blank this year but as they've had coasters in the past that's not to say they won't have them again next year. Still it was good to go and hang with the locals even if they did all speak French.

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